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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is First Community Bank Mobile Banking?
A.  First Community Bank Mobile Banking allows anyone with Online Banking to access their eligible accounts from a cell phone or mobile device. You can check account balances, review recent account activity and transfer money between accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First Community Bank offers three ways to access your accounts: Text Message, Mobile Browser or Mobile Banking Apps.

Q.  What kind of mobile device is required for Mobile Banking?

A.  For First Community Bank Mobile Text, your mobile device must be capable of sending and receiving test messages. For First Community Bank Mobile Web, your mobile device must support web browsing (which usually requires a data plan as part of your service). For First Community Bank Mobile iPhone® App or Android™ App, your mobile device must be capable of running apps.

  Are there fees to use First Community Bank Mobile Banking?
A.  First Community Bank's Mobile Banking is FREE; however, your wireless provider's standard text messaging and other rates may still apply.

  How do I enroll in First Community Bank’s Mobile Banking?  A. Log in to ONLINE BANKING.  Click on the SETTINGS Tab.  Click on the MOBILE SETTINGS TAB.  Select WEB MOBILE or TEXT MOBILE Settings.  Accept the Mobile Banking TERMS and CONDITIONS.  Click CONFIRM to complete enrollment.   

Q.  What if I forgot my Resource Online Banking password?
A.  Your Mobile Banking Login ID and Password is the same as your Online Banking Login ID and Password.  If you are unable to remember your Online Banking password, please contact our Customer Support Center at (800) 971-4671.  A new password can also be requested by selecting the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login screen within Resource Online Banking.

Q.  What does SMS mean?
A.  SMS stands for Short Messaging Service.  It is also known as text messaging.

Q.  What number do I send text commands to?
A.  First Community Bank's short code is 89549.  Send all text /SMS mobile banking requests to this number. 

Q.  Is there a password needed for Text Banking?
A.  You don’t need a password to access your account information via text message, but your phone must be registered as authorized to use the service.

Q.  What text commands can I use with First Community Bank's Mobile Banking?
A.  Note:  all SMS commands are not case-sensitive. 

  • BAL = All account balances.

  • BAL ACCT NAME,  Example: BAL 2256895, returns a specified account’s balance.

  • HISTORY = All accounts recent activity

  • HIST ACCT NAME, HIST 2256895, returns sinle account transactions.

  • HELP = Commands

  • STOP = Cancel

Q.  How do I opt out of First Community Bank's Text Mobile Banking?
A.  To opt out of Mobile Banking, text the following command to 89549:  STOP 

Q.  What if I change my mobile device’s phone number?

A.  If your mobile device phone number changes, you will need to log in to Resource Online Banking and update the phone number.

Q.  What if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

A.  First Community Bank will never send full account numbers or other personal information via First Community Bank Mobile Banking. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, report it immediately to your mobile carrier. Then you should immediately log in to Online Banking from your computer and “disable mobile access”. You can always “enable mobile access” if you recovered your mobile device.

Q.  Can I add Bill Payment payees through my Mobile Banking?
  No, new Bill Payment payees must be added within Online Banking.  Once they are added in Online Banking, the payee will appear in Mobile Banking.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
A.  Customer Support can be reached at (800) 971-4671. 

Note: All SMS commands are not case-sensitive. 

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