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Online Banking FAQs

Is Online Banking Safe

Some of the most frequent questions about online banking involve online security. "Will my money be safe?" "Can someone steal my information and get access to my funds?" "Could a thief find a way to clean out my bank account?"

First Community Bank takes security especially seriously and works hard to make all online transactions as worry-free as possible. We are committed to making all your online transactions safe and secure by utilizing the latest technology.

Secure Browser: Certain browsers and computers have the ability to communicate securely by scrambling the information as it passes across the internet. This method of communication is called SSL, or Secure Socket Layers. We require the use of a secure browser before a connection can be made to the transaction system.

Firewall: After you reach us using the secure browser, we take measures to make sure your information is kept secure and confidential. Your information passes through a firewall, which is specifically designed to keep out unauthorized users.

Login Security: We use an innovative dual authentication login system designed by PassMark© that gives us multiple methods for authenticating the user.

You can also help guarantee with the security of your information by following these simple steps:

  • Maintain control over access to your computer, whether at your home or office

  • When you have completed a bank transaction, make certain to log off to break the connection with First Community Bank's website

  • Avoid conducting banking transactions while multiple browser windows are open on your computer

How do I know it is secure?

First Community's online transactions can only be accessed by high level browsers that support SSL (Secure Socket Layers). SSL is a very complex and high-end encryption technique that ensures your information is protected and can only be viewed by you.

Look for "https://" in your address bar instead of "http://". Browsers display security in different ways. Many browsers use a "padlock" to let you know if the site is secure or not. It is best to check with your browser's help facility to determine how security is displayed to you. If your browser does not support secure sessions, you will not be able to access Online Banking.

Can my account be blocked from access over the Internet?

Yes, we can place a block on your account that will prevent anyone, including you, from accessing your account over the internet. To block access to Online Banking, please Contact Customer Support on our Contact Us page.

Which browsers should I use to access Online Banking?

Most recent browsers should work. We strongly recommend the following that support the highest encryption methods available: Netscape 4.0 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher will allow you to access the First Community Bank Online Resource site.

You should never provide your personal or account information to an unsolicited email - no matter how authentic it looks. First Community Bank will never send an unsolicited email requesting customers to verify, update or provide personal or account information.