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What First Community is doing to keep you safe

First Community Bank is committed to making your Internet banking experience as safe as possible. We use the latest online security technology to protect your personal information and privacy.

We also keep you safe by:

  • Using fraud detection systems that highlight any unusual spending patterns on your account(s) - this means we may call you if unusual transactions appear on your account.

  • Temporarily disabling access to your account if there are a number of incorrect log on attempts - this protects you from criminals trying to guess your details.

  • Certain browsers and certain computers have the ability to communicate securely by scrambling the information as it passes across the Internet. The method of communication is called SSL, or Secure Socket Layers. We require the use of a secure browser before a connection can be made to the transaction system.

  • After you reach us using a secure browser, we take measures to ensure your information is kept secure and confidential. Your information passes through a firewall, which is a computer specifically designed to keep out unauthorized users.

  • We use an innovative login security system that gives us multiple methods for authenticating the user.