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What you can do to protect yourself

You can take steps to protect yourself when you use our internet banking service and the internet in general.

Here are our top tips:

  1. First Community Bank will NEVER contact you to ask for your personal information through email - if you get an email asking for this information, an internet thief is at work.

  2. Check that the website is secure - secure internet pages will (usually) feature a padlock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen - this means that your personal information will be coded before it leaves your computer.

  3. Check the site certificate - sites that are serious about security always show a valid site certificate.

  4. Install security software - security software includes anti-virus software, firewalls, and security patches.

  5. Avoid accessing your First Community Bank online account on publicly accessible computers - internet cafes are not always secure and sometimes these computers save passwords and other personal information without your knowledge.

  6. Do not write down, email or store your account details, password or memorable information.

  7. Choose a strong password for Internet banking and change it regularly - select a 6 to 15 character password that uses a mix letters and numbers (Pa5510nfru1t) that you can remember without writing down.

  8. Always log off - this closes your connection with our Online banking service.