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Best Practices for Fraud Prevention
Fraudsters are increasingly targeting customers that conduct online transactions, employing sophisticated tools designed to compromise your system and surrender control of your computer.  To understand actions you can take to help reduce the risks associated with fraud, refer to the below online security tips and best practices to get started today.

Online Best Practices

  • Be attentive during your online sessions.  Know when and how the systems will prompt you to authenticate, whether at login or to approve a transaction.  If you see prompts for entering your credentials that appear out of sequence or at points in a workflow that are not familiar, do not enter your data and contact First Community Bank.

  • Pay attention to the appearance of the applications screens.  If they are not consistent to what you are accustomed to or show unfamiliar data fields, this could mean your browser has been compromised.  Stop your transaction and contact First Community Bank.

  • Use caution when visiting Internet sites from the same computer, or mobile device, where you carry out online banking activities.  Access only trusted websites because malware can be downloaded without your knowledge from unsafe or compromised websites.

  • Install a dedicated, actively managed firewall, especially if there is a broadband or dedicated connection to the Internet, such as DSL or cable.  A firewall limits the potential for unauthorized access to a network and computers.

  • Do not use your Online Banking password for other non-related websites that you access.

  • Never share usernames and password information for online services with third-party vendors.

  • For the highest level of security, conduct all online banking activities from a standalone, completely locked down computer system from which email and web browsing are not possible.

  • Use notifications to alert you of transaction and balance status.

In addition, below are some helpful websites that may assist you in safeguarding your Online Banking Account: